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With every payroll we prepare you will receive:


  • Signature ready payroll checks and/or

  • Direct Deposit Voucher

  • Payroll Summary Report

  • Payroll Check Register

  • Payroll Timesheet


Additional reports:


  • Job Cost Reports

  • Certified Payroll Reports

  • Worker's Comp Reports

Tax Deposits


We process all Federal and State tax deposits electronically.  We are Batch Providers for the IRS and will submit your Federal tax deposits through the EFTPS Batch Provider System on time and in the correct amount.


We are also Bulk Filer for EDD and will submit your California payroll tax deposits through their EFT system.


Direct Deposit


Employee payroll checks can be direct deposited into their checking or savings account each pay period saving the employer time and money.  Each employee will receive a pay stub or voucher for their records.


Direct deposit has become the most popular way to pay employees as it saves the employee time by not having to go to the bank and it saves the employer time by not having to wait for a check to clear the bank!

Certified Payroll


Contractors are having more and more prevailing wage jobs these days.  With those jobs comes a mountain of paperwork,  We can lessen the load when it comes to the Certified Reports!  EBS will process the Certified Reports required on each job.  We offer the option of paper reports and/or we can process them on line through DIR if it is required by the contract. We will make sure you get copies of any report submissions.


We have many years of experience in processing Certified payroll!

Job Costing


Tracking labor costs can be tricky for some business owners.  We can make that an easy task for employers by customizing our payroll service to meet each employers specific needs.  


Whether you have a need to track by department or by job we've got you covered!  You will receive a Job Cost Report with each payroll detailing your labor costs for each employee, each job and each department.

Quarterly & Year-end Reports


We prepare all tax filings for you:


  • Federal Form 941 - Quarterly

  • CA DE9/DE9C Forms - Quarterly

  • Annual FUTA Form

  • W-2's

  • W-3


You will receive copies of all tax filings for your records.

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